Our Story

Who We Are ?

Star Spices, we are the most trusted brand for Indian spices in the last forty-six years. We are the name that is famous globally for our quality products. We offer a wide range of products so that you can cook a variety of dishes using our spices. Spices are the essential ingredient when it comes down to cooking a delicious dish. The taste of the dishes largely depends on the quality of the spices. Great quality spices make the food taste even better. And we all love to eat delicious food. We ensure that everyone gets the delight of quality spices. For that very reason, Star Spices is at service for everyone in India and abroad who loves their food.

Our Bestsellers

We are the Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Premium quality blended spices, which is Loved by our customers not only in India but in Foriegn also.

Black Pepper
Green Cardamom
Mustard Seed
Cumin Whole
Fennel Seed ( Saunf )
Methi Dana
Wishops seed ( Ajwain )
Star Anise
Cinnamon (Dal Chini)

Whole Spices

To serve our customers with quality spices, we ensure that we use quality whole spices while manufacturing our products.
We, as a spice brand, have raised the bar for the export of whole spices in India.
We understand the importance of pure spices and the impact they make on the food. This awareness moves us to bring everyone close to the purest spices around them

Blended Spices

Cooking food is an art that is mastered with patience and understanding of spices.
We at Star Spices know the importance of cooking food, and we surely have an understanding of spices.
We know that a great dish is served by adding the right amount of various spices in the food.
Well, to help out the master cooks and the beginners, we have come out with our range of perfectly blended spices for your favorite tasty dishes.

Ground Spices

The powder form of whole spices is in high demand nowadays. Star Spices is well known for providing A-grade ground spices. The best ground spices come only from the best whole spices.
We at Star Spices use only the best whole spices to manufacture our entire range of ground spices.

The wide range of ground spices manufactured by Star Spices is packed and processed in a hygienic environment. We do our best to ensure the delivery of quality products to the customers.

Why Our Spices ?

Unmatchable Quality

Providing quality spices has always been the motto of Star Spices. Over the years, we have maintained our reputation as the brand that delivers quality products only. We do not compromise with quality, and today, quality has helped us gain the trust of millions of customers globally. 

Affordable Prices

It is said, great products are a burden on the pocket. We at Star Spices ensure that our products are budget-friendly for everyone. For everyone’s needs, we make our products in different sizes. One may avail products of any size as per one’s needs. That one can buy as per their needs. Through a wide range of packet sizes for all the products, we try to ensure that quality spices are served to all our customers.

Wide Range of Products

We understand, to cook tasty and great food, it requires a lot of effort and some special ingredients. We put our best efforts to meet the expectations of everyone who trusts us for their cooking needs. To meet everyone’s demand for quality spices, Star Spices offers a wide range of products for all types of dishes. Our exclusive variety of spices is used by many daily. 

Customer Trust

Without the trust and love of our valuable customers from around the globe, we would not have made it this far. It is the trust of customers who have helped and motivated us for continually delivering quality spices. Customer trust and satisfaction is the base of our existence today. And, we are willing to do all that we can to continue these excellent customer relationships with all of you.

Export Quality Products

As we said earlier, quality defines us for what we are today. We have maintained the same when it comes to exporting spices. We go places in search of the finest spices so that we can give our customers high-quality spices. We are proud exporters of some of the finest spices in India.

Reputed Brand Name

Reputation is hard to earn, and today, we can say that we have made it. Our customers and their trust in us has contributed largely in creating a global reputation for Star Spices. We are well known across international borders and in India. This reputation gives us many more reasons not to compromise with the quality of our products. 


I brought the spices from Star spices for the first time on the recommendation by a close friend. I must say that I am pleased by the quality of products. I Will buy again soon! I love their spices. I highly recommend buying their products.
Jon Bakken
I am a chef, and I have been cooking a variety of food for about 15yrs now. It is incredible how, throughout these years, I have used products from Star spices for all my delicacies. I love their spices. I highly recommend buying their products.
Andrea Velle
The quality of spices provided by Star Spices is simply amazing. I love how they do not compromise with the quality of their spices even when packaging, aka providing the customer with ground spices. Their spices are available at affordable prices.
Elle Aasen
Star Spices is the most trusted name in our household when it comes to cooking ingredients. We have been using their products for over two decades now. Their products are different from every other brand in the markets. Must-Try, you will like it.
Isa Holmgren
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